Barnard, VT


Barnard: A short segment of the AT runs through the southern end of Barnard, and the trailheads for both the Chateauguay Rd. Trail and Lookout Farm Rd. Trail are located there as well. Barnard also lies directly west of the AT’s road crossings on Vermont Rte. 12 and Stage Rd.

The most prominent feature in Barnard is Silver Lake State Park and the village of Barnard that sits on its shores. Barnard General Store in the village was recently purchased and renovated through a community fundraising effort. The town has a motel and several inns. The Barnard Inn Restaurant has received outstanding reviews. The BarnArts Center for the Arts stages several productions throughout the year.

Did you know? Nobel-prize winning novelist Sinclair Lewis bought a farm in Barnard in 1928, and summered there in the 30’s and 40’s.

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