Bethel, VT


Bethel: While the AT doesn’t run through it, Bethel is the last major town that someone will pass through prior to reaching the AT on VT Rte. 12 and several other connections in Bridgewater, Woodstock and Pomfret from the north. Bethel has an outfitter and a couple of hardware stores, as well numerous eateries and a grocery store.

Downtown Bethel is only a couple of miles west of Exit 3 on I-89, and is where VT Rtes. 12 and 107 intersect. If you’re doing sections of the trail, there’s a good chance you’ll end up passing through here. The downtown has an eclectic assortment of retail establishments including several artist’s studios.

Did you know? In the 2007 film, I Am Legend, Bethel is where a fortified colony of survivors from a worldwide pandemic seeks refuge. However, the scenes from the film depicting Bethel were actually shot in New Jersey.

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