Bridgewater, VT


Bridgewater: The AT runs through the northern section of Bridgewater, and the trailheads for the Lookout Farm Rd., Perkins Rd. and Maple Valley Rd. trails are located here. However, most people will know Bridgewater as the town that connects Killington with Woodstock on US 4, and as the home to Long Trail Brewing Company.

Bridgewater has several inns and restaurants, and a motel near the Killington town line. Most of businesses in Bridgewater are on US 4. A large mill complex near the Woodstock town line has been converted into retail shops and offices. Long Trail Brewing Company has a restaurant and also offers tours of their plant.

Did you know? Initially, Long Trail Ale was sold in recycled Becks and St. Pauli Girl bottles.

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