Canaan, NH


Canaan: While the AT doesn’t go through Canaan, its location just east of Hanover still gives it significance for those hiking the trail. For anyone coming in from the east wishing to access the trail on Goose Pond Rd., it should be easier to get onto Goose Pond Rd. in Canaan.

While Canaan doesn’t have nearly as many businesses as either Hanover or Lebanon, it still has several. There are a couple of campgrounds and grocery stores, and several convenience stores and eating establishments. There is also a bank, health clinic, hardware store, ice cream stand, laundromat and a veterinarian.

Did you know? Founded in Canaan in 1835, Noyes Academy was one of the first educational institutions to admit students of any color. Unfortunately, the school only operated a few months at which time a mob burned it down and the students fled fearing their safety.

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