Carroll, NH

Carroll: This town is better known for its two main villages: Twin Mountain and Bretton Woods. Twin Mountain is near the intersection of US Rte. 3 and US Rte. 302 and has a number of motels. Bretton Woods is home to the ski area of that name and Mt. Washington Resort.

Carroll is west of the AT crossing in Crawford Notch on US Rte. 302. Trailheads for Avalon Trail, Crawford Path and Webster-Jackson Trail are located near the AMC’s Highland Center. In addition to the accommondations available in Bretton Woods and Twin Mountain, we have counted ten campgrounds located in Carroll.

Did you know? A United National conference held in 1944 at Mt. Washington Resort resulted in the Bretton Woods Agreement which, among other things, created the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

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