Chandler’s Purchase, NH

Chandler’s Purchase: An unincorporated town, the only roads going through this town are Base Road leading from Bretton Woods on US 302 and the Cog Railway station (neither of which is in this town), and Jefferson Notch Road between Base Rd. and the trailhead for Caps Ridge Trail.

A portion of the AT goes through Chandler’s Purchase and Mt. Eisenhower’s summit is located here. Also, trailheads for Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and Jewell Trail are located on Base Rd. Boundary Line Trail on Jefferson Notch Rd. follows the town line between Chandler’s Purchase and Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase.

Did you know? Chandler’s Purchase has the distinction of being the smallest township by size (2.1 square miles) and population (zero) in Coos County. Granted, there are several other townships with no population as well.

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