Clarksburg, MA


Clarksburg: A long segment of the AT runs through Clarksburg, however there are no crossings or trailheads in town. Both the Pine Cobble Trail and Class of ’98 Trail intersect with the AT in Clarksburg; however, both of those trails have their trailheads in Williamstown. Primarily, anyone trying to access the Risky Ranch Trail or County Rd. connections in Vermont would go through Clarksburg in order to reach either of them. Clarksburg has relatively few services, however there is a campground at Clarksburg State Park.

The AT mainly runs through Clarksburg State Forest which occupies a substantial percentage of the town’s area. In addition to the campground at the state forest, the town also has a kennel and both automotive and motorcycle mechanics.

Did you know? Golden Eagle Restaurant & Lounge, a prominent feature on the hairpin turn on the Mohawk Trail (MA Rte. 2), is located just over the border in Clarksburg.

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