Florida, MA


Florida: The AT does not run through Florida; however, someone trying to reach the AT coming from the east must pass through Florida on their way to North Adams. The Deerfield River, which forms the border between Florida and Rowe and can only be accessed by road through Charlemont, has a number of locations that offer white water rafting opportunities.

Florida is best known for Whitcomb Summit on the Mohawk Trail that has phenomenal views of Mt. Greylock and the Berkshires. There is a beautiful statue of an elk here. A motel and an inn are nearby Whitcomb Summit. A campground and rental cabins are available at Savoy Mountain State Forest.

Did you know? Hoosac Tunnel, a 4.75-mile-long railroad tunnel whose eastern end is in Florida, is the longest active transportation tunnel east of the Rockies.

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