Franconia, NH

Franconia: Home to one-sixth of the 4000-footers in New Hampshire and to the spectacular granite walls of Franconia Notch, the town of Franconia is much more than just mountains. Its downtown contains a range of vibrant businesses with numerous shopping, eating and lodging options; and, the attractions at both Cannon Mountain and Franconia Notch State Park offer top notch entertainment value.

About eleven miles of the AT runs through Franconia, and what an eleven miles it is. The trail goes over the summits of Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Lafayette as it traverses the Franconia Ridge. The AMC’s Greenleaf Hut is off Lafayette on Greenleaf Trail. The AT then goes over Garfield Ridge to Mt Garfield. It then proceeds to Galehead Hut and then climbs up to South Twin Mountain.

Did you know? Franconia is so named because of its resemblance to the Franconian Switzerland in the Franconia region of Germany.

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