Gifford Woods State Park Campground

Shelter Description

There are 4 cabins, 21 tent/RV sites and 19 lean-to sites situated in two camping loops. Each loop has a restroom with flush toilets, hot and cold running water and coin-operated hot showers. There is a trailer sanitary station, but there are no hookups. Fire and ice are available for sale. A wooded picnic area is located behind the ranger’s quarters with a play area. Day hikes are available and there is an easy hook up with the Appalachian Trail. (Description courtesy of Vermont State Parks)

Shelter Type: Campground/Lean-tos/Cabin

Capacity: 200+

Sanitation: Bathroom

Tenting area?: Yes

Other Notes: 21 campsites, 19 lean-tos, 4 cabins. Showers.

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