Glastenbury, VT


Glastenbury: The AT slices through the middle of Glastenbury and reaches the summit and fire tower of Glastenbury Mountain almost in the dead center of town. However, since Glastenbury has very few roads, the only way to reach the AT in Glastenbury is on the West Ridge Trail which intersects with the AT at Goddard Shelter just south of the summit. In turn, this trail can reached by taking Bald Mountain Trail which has trailheads in Bennington and Woodford.

Glastenbury is an unincorporated town meaning that it has no town government. The town’s affairs are managed by the state. There is only one driveable road (Glastenbury Rd.) which can be accessed from East Rd. in Shaftsbury.

Did you know? While the 2010 census showed only 8 people living in Glastenbury, in 1880 there were 241.

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