Governor Clement Shelter

Shelter Description

Stone shelter on a dirt road in an overgrown field, built in 1929 and repointed with new sleeping bunks installed in 2010. Named for Percival W. Clement, governor of Vermont from 1919 to 1921. Maintained by GMC. Accommodates 10. Privy. Water source is a stream 200 feet to the east. Due to its close proximity to a public road, this shelter has a long history of visits by local partiers, creating serious problems with vandalism and harassment of hikers. Since 2008, the road has been gated between April 15 and September 15; vehicles can access it during other months. Move on if you encounter problems. (Description courtesy of ATC Appalachian Trail Guide to New Hampshire-Vermont: 13th edition.)

Shelter Type: Lean-to

Capacity: 10

Sanitation: Privy

Tenting area?: Yes

Other Notes: Near road. History of vandalism & harassment.

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