Hartland, VT


Hartland: In relation to the AT, Hartland is on the other side of both Woodstock and Hartford. As such, it doesn’t have many services that someone couldn’t get in either of those two towns. However, travelers coming in from the south may want to take Exit 9 on I-91 and then follow Vermont Rte. 12 North from there. This is a more direct route to the AT then going up to White River Junction.

Hikers may be interested in checking out the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center on Woodstock Rd. (US Rte. 4). Also, a small downtown in Hartland Four Corners (near Exit 9 on I-91) has a convenience store with deli, restaurant and post office.

Did you know? Two covered bridges are separated by a small island on Mill Rd. in North Hartland. The Willard Covered Bridge was built in 1870, and nearby is Willard Twin Bridge built in 2001.

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