Hoosick, NY


Hoosick: With Bennington lying between it and the AT, Hoosick does not have any services that could otherwise be had in Bennington. That said, Hoosick is a fairly large town that is relatively easily accessed by following VT Rte. 9 to the New York border. Here VT Rte. 9 becomes New York Rte. 7 (not to be confused with US Rte. 7 which runs north-south through Bennington). Hoosick has several restaurants, a motel and several other businesses.

Hoosick was the site of the Battle of Bennington during the American Revolution. The historic site is located on New York Rte. 67 which connects with Vermont Rte. 67 in North Bennington. Hoosick also has a number of active farms which is typical for the Hudson River valley with its rich soil and good transportation links.

Did you know? The American victory at the Battle of Bennington was one of the factors that lead France into siding with the Americans during the Revolution.

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Hoosick Food & Dining

* Restaurants, Diners, Cafes, Bars & Taverns
* Fast Food Joints, Pizzerias, Delis & Coffee Shops
* Ice Cream Shops, Bakeries & Candy Stores
* Grocery Stores
* Convenience Stores
* Farm Stands & Specialty Food Stores

Hoosick Lodging & Camping

* Motels, Hotels & Resorts

Hoosick Emergency & Medical

* EMS, Fire & Police Stations
* Pharmacies
* Sports Medicine Doctors & Podiatrists
* Chiropractors, Massage & Physical Therapists
* Fitness Centers

Hoosick Hiking Essentials & Transit

* Hardware Stores
* Laundromats
* Dry Cleaners, Tailors & Shoe Repair Shops

Hoosick Pet Care

* Veterinarians
* Kennels & Animal Welfare Societies

Hoosick Cars, Bikes & Mechanical Things

* Gas Stations
* Propane Suppliers
* Auto Repair & Auto Body Shops
* Auto Parts Stores & Salvage Yards
* Car Washes & Auto Detailers
* Motorcycle Repair Shops
* RV, ATV, Off-road & Marine Supply & Repair Shops
* Small Engine Sales & Service Shops

Hoosick Information & Services

* Post Offices & Shipping Centers
* Libraries
* Government Offices & Community Centers
* Banks
* Places of Worship & Meditation
* Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Tanning Salons & Day Spas

Hoosick Things To Do

* Activities: golf, skiing, swimming, boating, etc.
* Museums, Botanical Gardens & Zoos
* Historic & Noteworthy Sites
* Movie Theaters
* Parks & Nature Preserves
* Trails
* Farms, Stables & Wineries
* Guide Services & Self-guided Tours

Hoosick Things To Buy

* Malls & Downtowns
* Bookstores
* Specialty Shops & Miscellany
* Discount Stores & Thrift Stores
* Antique Stores & Flea Markets
* Greenhouses, Garden Centers & Florists