Killington, VT


Killington: Home to the largest ski area in the east, Killington offers a wide array of activities and services for a weary hiker. The AT comes close to the summits of both Killington and Pico, and a short side trail will lead you to the top of each. The gondola at Killington runs during the summer as well as the winter. The AT goes through Gifford Woods State Park, which has tent sites, lean-tos and cabins for rent, before it crosses Vermont 100, Thunder Brook Rd. (in two places) and River Rd. A Vermont Translines bus stops at the Sherburne Pass Trail trailhead parking on US 4 opposite Inn at Long Trail. The westbound bus goes to Rutland and the eastbound to Lebanon, NH.

While many of the establishments in Killington are only open during winter months, there still are several outfitters, motels, inns and restaurants open year round. In addition, both the ski area and several other businesses offer summertime activities that may be a worthy diversion from hiking. Most of the businesses are either located on US 4 or on Killington Rd. which leads up from US 4 to the ski area.

Did you know? Twice, Killington residents have voted to secede from the State of Vermont and join New Hampshire instead, even though the latter is 25 miles to the east. The votes are symbolic, since their secession would need to be approved by the Vermont and New Hampshire legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

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