Lyme, NH


Lyme: Approximately ten miles of the AT goes through Lyme, entering from Hanover in the south just before the Goose Pond Rd. crossing and exiting into Orford between Smarts Mountain and Mt. Cube. In addition to the Goose Pond Rd. crossing, the AT can also crosses Dorchester Rd. twice. Smarts Mountain Ranger Trail has its trailhead at the parking lot for the northernmost of the Dorchester Rd. crossings, creating a 6.2 mile long loop hike opportunity.

While Lyme has far fewer businesses than Hanover, it still has quite a few. These include several inns and eateries. A post office on Dorchester Rd. is relatively close to the trail at its southernmost crossing point of that road.

Did you know? The row of horse sheds behind the Congregational Church near Lyme Center were built in 1810 and are the oldest surviving row of horse sheds in New England.

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