Mt. Holly, VT


Mt. Holly: West of Ludlow, east of Wallingford and south of Shrewsbury, Mt. Holly is a town someone travels through when approaching the AT on VT Rte. 103 from the east. Another major east-west route is VT Rte. 155 which intersects with both VT Rte. 103 and VT Rte. 140 near the Wallingford-Mt. Holly town line.

Mt. Holly has relatively few businesses. A country store with a good deli counter is in Belmont Village on Belmont Rd. between Rtes. 103 and 155. A restaurant and some other busineeses are on VT Rte. 103. “The Bus” runs along 103 and provides direct access from Ludlow to the AT trail crossing on that road in Shrewsbury. The Bus continues on to its terminal in Rutland.

Did you know? Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter was born in Mt. Holly. Her many snowboarding accomplishments include winning a gold medal at the 2006 Turin games.

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