Mt. Tabor, VT


Mt. Tabor: The AT cuts through and crosses USFS Rd. #10 (Danby-Landgrove Rd.) in Mt. Tabor in the White Rocks National Recreation Area. The AT connections for Old Job Trail (both north and south) are on USFS Rd. 30 there as well.

A couple of gas stations, one of which has a convenience store and deli, are located on US 7 near its intersection with Mt. Tabor Rd. (which leads up to USFS Rd. #10). A few other businesses are also on US 7; however, more services can be found by crossing US 7 at Mt. Tabor Rd. and walking the short distance into Danby.

Did you know? Chaos Canyon in the White Rocks National Recreation Area was formed more than 10,000 years ago when the west slope of White Rocks Peak gave way due to intense frost action.

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