Newbury, VT


Newbury: Located on the west bank of the Connecticut River, Newbury has two main commercial centers: Newbury and Wells River. The latter is across the river for the village of Woodsville in Haverhill (NH), and combined form the most substantial commercial area between Hanover/White River Junction/Lebanon and St. Johnsbury.

Newbury has an inn, a motel, a laundromat, a walk-in clinic, a veterinarian and several restaurants. There is a tourist information booth near the bridge between Wells River and Woodsville, and another at the truck stop near the I-91 entrance ramps.

Did you know? Prior to European settlement, Newbury was home to a village of the Penacook tribe called Cowass or Cowassuck, meaning “place of pine trees.” This tribe referred to the entire Connecticut River Valley and Lakes region by this name.

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