Norwich, VT


Norwich: The AT follows roads for almost two miles in Norwich, before the trail crosses the Connecticut River into New Hampshire. In addition, the trailhead for another connection, the William Tucker Trail, is also located here. As such, Norwich is a major town on the AT and has been designated as an Appalachian Trail Community by the ATC.

The AT passes through the center of Norwich which has a bookstore, an outfitter, some restaurants and an inn. Additionally, a veterinarian, a bicycle shop and a hardware store are on US 5 south of where it splits off from the AT. The visitor center for King Arthur Flour is also down US 5, and the Montshire Museum of Science is on a side road on Vermont Rte. 10 near Ledyard Bridge over the Connecticut River.

Did you know? Not surprisingly, what is now Norwich University was founded in Norwich in 1835. It remained there until 1866 when it burned down, and was rebuilt in its present location in Northfield, Vermont.

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