Pawlet, VT


Pawlet: West of Danby and east of the New York border, Pawlet is a fairly substantial town between Granby, New York and the AT crossing of USFS Rd. #10 (Danby-Landgrove Rd.). There are two gas stations and a grocery store in town. The shortest route from Vermont 30 in Pawlet to the AT is to go east on Vermont 133 and then turn onto Danby-Pawlet Rd. (an unnumbered route).

Most of the businesses in Pawlet are on Vermont 30. The line of homes near Rte. 30’s intersection with Vermont 153 are particularly impressive. A huge slate mining operation is evident on Vermont 153 near the village of West Pawlet.

Did you know? Pawlet was one of the original New Hampshire grants in 1761 and was named after the Mettawee River which, at the time, was called Paulet or Paulette.

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