Peru, VT


Peru: The AT has several connections in Peru. The trail crosses Mad Tom Notch Rd. and then trailhead for Griffith Lake Trail is beyond that intersection. Also, Peru is where Bromley Mountain Ski Resort is located which connects with the AT on the summit of Bromley. Peru has a couple of inns and restaurants, a grocery store, and a motel. Most businesses are located on Vermont 11 or just off that highway on Main St.

The most prominent business in Peru is Bromley Mountain Ski Area which has both summer and winter activities. A motel and a couple of restaurants are affiliated with ski area. A great general store, and its highly recommended deli, are on Main St. which parallels Vermont 11. This is also where the post office is.

Did you know? Originally known as Bromley, the town’s name was changed to Peru because its was thought that land buyers would be more attracted to that name. They described Peru as a land of “trees, bears and mountain lions.”

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