Plymouth, VT


Plymouth: Lying to the east of the AT, the only direct access from Plymouth to the trail is on Shrewsbury Rd. (on VT Rte. 100) which becomes CCC Rd. in Shrewsbury. This road is where the trailheads for Black Swamp Trail, Shrewsbury Peak Trail and a crossing of the Catamount Trail are all located.

We’ve counted at least 8 inns, 4 restaurants, 2 campgrounds and a resort in Plymouth. Boating access for at least four ponds are located there. However, the town is best known as the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge.

Did you know? Plymouth is one of the few towns outside of Washington, D.C. to have hosted a presidential inauguration. When Vice President Coolidge received word that President Harding had died, he was sworn in by his father who was a notary public and a justice of the peace.

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