Proctor, VT


Proctor: Wedged between Rutland, West Rutland and Pittsford, Proctor is a small but very picturesque town. While the AT is considerably to the east, a side trip here to see the marble Fletcher Proctor Memorial Bridge, or visit either the Vermont Marble Museum or Wilson Castle would be well worth the effort.

Vermont Rte. 3 runs through Proctor from Center Rutland to Pittsford. The Vermont Marble Museum and Proctor’s small downtown are on Main St. off of Rte. 3. Wilson Castle is on West Proctor Rd. near the Rutland town line.

Did you know? In 1886, when the City of Rutland was being separately incorporated, the Town of Proctor was split off as well. At the time, the town was almost entirely owned by Senator Redfield Proctor, the founder of Vermont Marble Company.

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