Readsboro, VT


Readsboro: The AT does not go through Readsboro, however this town may be reached from the County Rd. crossing by going east to Stamford center and then taking VT Rte. 8/100 north to Readsboro. In Readsboro, Vermont 8 and Vermont 100 split, with Rte. 8 heading north to Searsburg and VT Rte. 9; and, Rte. 100 heading east toward Whitingham and Wilmington. There are relatively few services available in Readsboro, however the town does have a restaurant and an inn.

A series of waterfalls are located along VT Rte. 100 south of its intersection with VT Rte. 8 making for a very picturesque drive along this section. The most prominent are Readsboro Falls near Howe Pond Rd. intersection.

Did you know? Readsboro Arts sponsors a summer concert series, and hosts a gallery called Confluence.

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