Royalton, VT


Royalton: While not particularly close to the AT, Royalton still plays a significant role for the trail segment between Killington and the Connecticut River. Exit 3 off I-89 is the gateway to many of the trail connections in this region, especially for those approaching from the north. Also, the Royalton Barracks of the Vermont State Police provides police services for many of the small communities in this area.

Royalton is home to the Vermont Law School, the only law school in Vermont, and as such the village of South Royalton has a “college town” feel to it. You’ll find several restaurants and fast food establishments there. In recent years, several businesses, including a pharmacy and a veterinarian, have opened in North Royalton on Vermont Rte. 107 near Exit 3. This is also where the State Police barracks is located.

Did you know? In 1780, Royalton was the site of the Royalton Raid, the last major British raid during the American Revolution.

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