Seth Warner Campsite & Shelter

Shelter Description

Campsite is 0.1 miles on side trail and shelter is at 0.2 miles. Seth Warner Primitive Camping Area: Tentsites accommodate 16. Privy. Water source is 600 feet west, beyond Seth Warner Shelter, may fail in dry seaasons. Seth Warner Shelter: This frame lean-to was built by carpenter trainees organized under the Manpower Development Training Act in 1965. Maintained by the GMC and USFS. Accommodates 8. Privy. A brook that may fail in dry seasons is located 400 feet west of the shelter. (Description courtesy of ATC Appalachian Trail Guide to New Hampshire-Vermont: 13th edition.)

Shelter Type: Lean-to

Capacity: 8

Sanitation: Privy

Tenting area?: Yes

Other Notes: Shelter is 0.1 miles past campsite (max. 16)

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