Shaftsbury, VT


Shaftsbury: Even though the town is just west of the AT, there is no trail or road that directly links the AT with Shaftsbury. Instead, the town can only be accessed on Vermont 7A through Bennington to the south and Arlington (via Stratton-Arlington Rd./Kelley Stand Rd.) to the north. The town is home to several inns and motels, most of which are on 7A.

Shaftsbury is one of the “Shires of Vermont”, the towns between Bennington and Manchester, and the drive along Vermont 7A is scenic and bucolic. We’ve listed 17 farms in Shaftsbury, and that’s probably not all of them. The Robert Frost museum is located on 7A close to the Bennington line.

Did you know? In 1843, escaped slaves hid in a Shaftsbury farm which was the first recorded instance of the Underground Railroad in Vermont.

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