Shrewsbury, VT


Shrewsbury: The AT runs through the middle of Shrewsbury with the VT Rte. 103, Lottery Rd., Keiffer Rd., Cold River Rd., Upper Cold River Rd. and Clement Shelter Rd. crossings all being located there. Trailheads for the Shrewsbury Peak Trail and Black Swamp Trail, and the Catamount Trail crossing on CCC Rd., are all in Shrewsbury as well. We’ve counted at least five inns/B&B’s in Shrewsbury with some of them on Cold River Rd. and Lottery Rd. – roads that the AT crosses.

Most of the businesses in Shrewsbury are on VT Rte. 103 in the village of Cuttingsville. A classic country store, which is now run as a coop, is located at the intersection of Cold River Rd. and CCC Rd.

Did you know?In 1986-87, Shrewsbury gained international media attention when a moose spent 76 days courting a local farmer’s cow. He was unsuccessful. A book, A Moose for Jessica, was written about the event.

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