Stamford, VT


Stamford: While a fairly long section of the AT travels through Stamford, the only crossing is on County Rd. The center of Stamford and VT Rte. 8/100 can be reached by following County Rd. and Mill Rd. The primary business in Stamford center is a country store with gas that is also a state liquor outlet.

Stamford is home to a golf course and a driving range. From here, VT Rte. 8/100 can be followed south to the Massachusetts border and North Adams on MA Rte. 8. By following VT Rte. 100/8 north, both Whitingham (to the east) and VT Rte. 9 (to the north) can be reached.

Did you know? Stamford Valley Golf Course has been owned since 1964 by three generations of the Lawrence family.

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