Stratton, VT


Stratton: By taking the Stratton Mountain Gondola down into Stratton Mountain Resort, a hiker will find numerous motels, restaurants, outfitters and vacation rentals (although some of these are only open during the winter). The gondola is accessed from the AT by a 7/10th’s of a mile trail from the Stratton Mountain firetower and operates between the 4th of July and Columbus Day. Stratton is also where the AT crosses both USFS Rd. #71 and Stratton-Arlington Rd. Stratton Pond Trail and USFS Rd. #341 Trail also have trailheads on Stratton-Arlington Rd. However, except for a camping area at Grout Pond, there are minimal hiker services in Stratton on Stratton-Arlington Rd.

Except for the ski resort at Stratton Mountain, the town of Stratton has only a few businesses. On the other hand, the resort is a beehive of activity. During the summer, the resort hosts golf, kayaking, paddleboats, ATV tours, tennis, hiking, biking and paintball. Of course, the resort is even more busy during winter months. The shops in Stratton Mountain Village run the gamut from restaurants, outfitters, clothing boutiques and a grocery store. Numerous events are held at the resort throughout the year.

Did you know? Stratton Mountain was where both the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail were conceived. In 1909, James Taylor (no, not the singer) was first inspired to create the Long Trail. And, while working on the Long Trail, it was there that Benton MacKaye first conceived of the idea of creating a trail the would extend the length of the Appalachian range – the Appalachian Trail.

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