Sunderland, VT


Sunderland: The trailheads for both Branch Pond Trail (on Kelley Stand Rd.) and Bourne Pond Trail (on Branch Pond Access Rd.) are located in Sunderland. However, the nearest services for these trailheads are in Arlington.

Most of Sunderland’s businesses are either on or in close proximity to Vermont 7A as it cuts through the northwest corner of the town. These include a motel, some inns and cabins, and several specialty shops.

Did you know? The entrance to Mt. Equinox Skyline Drive is in Sunderland. Skyline Drive is the longest, privately-owned, paved toll road in the U.S. It ends at the summit of Mt. Equinox with views of the Green, White, Adirondack, Berkshire and Taconic mountain ranges.

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