Thetford, VT


Thetford: Bordering the Connecticut River, Thetford comes closest to the AT where the trail crosses Dorchester Rd. in Lyme, NH. And for a relatively small town, Thetford has quite a few services. These include a couple of inns, fast food establishments, convenience stores, a restaurant and a campground. Most of the eating establishments are on US Rte. 5, while the inns are on VT Rte. 244.

In addition to lodging and food, Thetford has some services you might not expect such as a dentist and a couple of providers of alternative medicine. There are several antique dealers, a thrift store and a couple of banks. Two performing arts groups, Puppetree and Parish Players, and the DIY alternative music festival, Thetfest, are all based here.

Did you know? Thetford has five post offices: East Thetford, North Thetford, Post Mills, Thetford and Thetford Center. This means there is one post office for about every 500 residents.

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