Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase, NH

Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase: An unincorporated town, the most noteworthy attraction in Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase is the Cog Railway station at the end of Base Rd. In addition, a significant portion of the Mt. Washington Auto Rd. is located here.

Two significant sections of the AT are located in Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase. These are from just north of the Mt. Washington summit to Thunderstorm Junction (near the summits of Mt. Adams and Mt. Sam Adams), and then again from the summit of Mt. Madison to just north of the Mt. Washington Auto Rd. crossing. The summits of Mt. Clay, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Adams are located here.

Did you know? Thompson & Meserve’s Purchase is home to the 2nd and 3rd highest peaks in New England: Mt. Adams and Mt. Jefferson, respectively.

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