Warren, NH


Warren: The AT crosses NH Rte. 25C and NH Rte. 25 in Warren. The village of Glencliff is a short walk from the Rte. 25 crossing, and its post office is frequently used to receive supply packages. The trailhead for Moosilauke Carriage Rd. is in Warren. Furthermore, the trailheads from Ravine Lodge (located in Woodstock) are accessed on Ravine Rd. which intersects with NH Rte. 118 in Warren. Several other AT connections (located in Benton) are accessed via High St. in Glencliff village.

In addition to the village of Glencliff, Warren Village is at the intersection of NH Rte. 25C and NH Rte. 25. This town has several campgrounds, inns, convenience stores and restaurants. A hostel in Glencliff Village has showers and a laundromat available for hikers. Another laundromat is in Warren Village.

Did you know? Warren is the only town that owns a real Redstone rocket (the same kind that flew Alan Shepard into space).

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