White Creek, NY


White Creek: The town borders both Shaftsbury and Arlington, Vermont; however, the lack of east-west roads in this region makes getting to White Creek from the AT a rather circuitous process. The most direct route is by Stratton-Arlington Rd./Kelley Stand Rd. to Arlington and then VT 313/NY 313. The village of Cambridge (located in both White Creek and the adjoining town of Cambridge) has a downtown with several businesses, restaurants and a couple of motels. Since only White Creek falls within our mapping area, we’ve only listed businesses that are physically in White Creek. This means that some businesses in Cambridge village are not listed here.

The Hudson River valley has very rich soil, and as a result towns like White Creek are home to a number of farms. We’ve listed 14, and we’ve probably missed several others. New York Route 22 is the major north-south highway in this area, and several businesses and farms are located along it.

Did you know? Grandma Moses lived in White Creek, and her farm is still in the family.

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White Creek Food & Dining

* Restaurants, Diners, Cafes, Bars & Taverns
* Fast Food Joints, Pizzerias, Delis & Coffee Shops
* Ice Cream Shops, Bakeries & Candy Stores
* Grocery Stores
* Convenience Stores
* Farm Stands & Specialty Food Stores

White Creek Lodging & Camping

* Motels, Hotels & Resorts
* Inns, B&B’s, Hostels, Cabins & Vacation Rentals

White Creek Emergency & Medical

* EMS, Fire & Police Stations
* Pharmacies
* Chiropractors, Massage & Physical Therapists
* Dentists
* Fitness Centers

White Creek
Hiking Essentials & Transit

* Hardware Stores
* Laundromats

White Creek
Cars, Bikes & Mechanical Things

* Gas Stations
* Propane Suppliers
* Auto Repair & Auto Body Shops
* Auto Parts Stores & Salvage Yards
* Car Washes & Auto Detailers
* Small Engine Sales & Service Shops

White Creek Information & Services

* Post Offices & Shipping Centers
* Libraries
* Government Offices & Community Centers
* Banks
* Media: print, radio & TV
* Places of Worship & Meditation
* Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Tanning Salons & Day Spas

White Creek Things To Do

* Activities: golf, skiing, swimming, boating, etc.
* Museums, Botanical Gardens & Zoos
* Historic & Noteworthy Sites
* Performing Arts Centers
* Parks & Nature Preserves
* Farms, Stables & Wineries

White Creek Things To Buy

* Malls & Downtowns
* Department Stores & Clothing Boutiques
* Bookstores
* Specialty Shops & Miscellany
* Discount Stores & Thrift Stores
* Antique Stores & Flea Markets
* Art Studios & Galleries
* Greenhouses, Garden Centers & Florists