Whitingham, VT


Whitingham: Being on the eastern edge of our mapping area, and lacking a direct route to the AT, the only hikers who would pass through Whitingham on their way to the AT would be those coming from the Shelburne Falls and Charlemont areas of Massachusetts. That said, Whitingham has numerous recreational activities and historical sites that would justify a side trip. The town has three inns, two convenience stores, and a grocery store with a deli.

Whitingham is home to the southern half of Harriman Reservoir, the 2nd largest lake entirely within the State of Vermont, and several other lakes and ponds as well. Boating, fishing and other recreational opportunities abound. There are also several farms in town, including a winery and vineyard.

Did you know? Brigham Young, a key figure in the founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), was born in Whitingham.

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