Winhall, VT (incl. Bondville)


Winhall: The AT crossing on Vermont 11/30 is located in Winhall as well as the Catamount Trail connection on Kendall Farm Road. The village of Bondville is located in Winhall. Since the post office is listed as Bondville, and since there is no other Winhall post office, Bondville is sometimes considered its own town. Most of the services in Winhall are in Bondville, however a couple of inns and a restaurant are much closer to the AT on Vermont 11/30 and Vermont 30.

Bondville is the gateway to Stratton Mountain Ski Resort and has many of the businesses one would expect on the road leading up to the slopes. There are several sporting goods stores and vacation rentals. Government services, a grocery store and a convenience store are all in Bondville. The golf course for Stratton Resort is also in town, while the actual ski area is in Stratton.

Did you know? No one is quite sure why Winhall was given this name. What is known is that it’s unique among American place names.

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