How do we do this?

We wish that there were some fancy algorithm we could employ, but we haven’t found it and we suspect it doesn’t exist.  While we do use some online research tools (we’re not complete Luddites, after all), we find that our best research comes from driving around the communities we want to map. We see what’s there and then figure out how you can contact them.
We’ve had to put boots on the ground to bring you the information you’ll find on this site. We take great pride in being comprehensive. Our list includes both the chain stores and the mom and pop shops. Basically, if someone has put up a sign to say they have something for sale, we’ve tried to list it.
We purposefully have not rated or tried to judge the services we’ve listed. There are a couple of reasons for this. First is the practical. We can’t personally eat in every restaurant or sleep in every b&b. There are just too many. Second is the subjective. What is good and what is mediocre? What tastes good to us might not taste good to you. And are you willing to walk another couple of miles because the meal might taste a little better or the bed is a little less lumpy? We do have a mechanism for telling you about places that people rave about, and for removing places that appear to be pretty awful; however, we’re not going to get into the game of trying to rate one place a 4.0 and another a 3.9.
We recognize that we’ll never be perfect (and, trust us, this is a bitter pill to swallow). While we try to confirm every listing from two different sources, we know that places open, places close and places move. Sometimes a closed place looks open, and sometimes an open place looks closed. Sometimes we just screw it up. If you see a posting that you think is wrong, please tell us about it. Also, if you have a compliment or a complaint about any of these places, please tell us as well.


Unlike a lot of other sites, we don’t have a feature where you can post comments automatically. That’s because we want to make sure that anything that’s posted on this site has been verified. If you and some of your fellow hikers have a compliment about a particular place, we’ll probably note that in our comments section. If you and others have a complaint, then we may choose to delete that listing. You can send us an email, message us on Facebook, or leave a voicemail on our phone.  Heck, you can even mail us. Click on “Contact Us” so that you can contact us.