Trail Connections – Dorchester Rd. to NH Rte. 25A

The most prominent features on this section are climbs of 3,200′ Smarts Mountain and 2,900′ Mt. Cube. While not nearly as high as the White Mountains just to the north, they are a precursor of things to come. The southern end of the section is at the intersection of Dorchester Rd. (sometimes referred to as Lyme-Dorchester Rd.) and Grafton Turnpike near Dartmouth Skiway. From the south, the AT follows Dorchester Rd. briefly before entering the woods where it parallels that road before crossing it again (Dorchester Rd. (north)). The trailhead for Smarts Mountain Ranger Trail is also at this crossing, creating a 6.2 mile loop hike. The AT then climbs Smarts Mountain on which there is both a tentsite and firewarden’s cabin shelter. The AT descends Smarts Mountain and reaches a junction with the Kodak Trail. Beyond that is Hexacuba Shelter, and then the ascent of Mt. Cube. At the top of Mt. Cube is the southern terminus of the Cross-Rivendell Trail which runs for 36 miles to Vershire, Vermont. After descending from Mt. Cube, the section ends at NH Rte. 25A. To continue north, turn right on Rte. 25A for a short road walk. The nearest towns are: Lyme, which can be reached by following Dorchester Rd.; Orford, which is accessed from Quinttown Rd. (Daniel Doan & Kodak), Baker Rd. (Cross-Rivendell) or west on 25A; or Wentworth, which is east of 25A. The nearest major towns are Hanover which is south of Lyme, and Plymouth which is east of Wentworth. Total distance: 16.0 miles.

Dorchester Rd. to NH Rte. 25A

(Smarts Mountain and Mt. Cube area)


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