Trail Connections – MA Rte. 2 to VT Rte. 9

This section is the gateway to and the southernmost portion of the Long Trail. From South to North, the AT crosses the Hoosic River and Massachusetts Ave. in less than a quarter mile, and then begins a steady climb to the state line. Two side trails, Pine Cobble Trail and Class of ’98 Trail, enter along the way. The Class of ’98 Trail can be followed to either the Pine Cobble Trail or Chestnut Trail trailheads.
The state line is prominently marked indicating that this is the southern terminus of the Long Trail. The Long Trail and Appalachian Trail coincide for 105 miles until Maine Junction north of Sherburne Pass (US Rte. 4). The Long Trail climbs Consultation Peak and Harmon Hill, and five side trails provide access to Williamstown (MA), Bennington, Stamford and Woodford, VT.
The southern end of this section is accessed by Mass. Rte. 2 – a major east-west state highway that connects Williamstown with North Adams. Rte. 2 can be followed west into New York and the Albany area, and by going east becomes the “Mohawk Trail” which will lead to Greenfield and eventually the Boston area. The northern end of the section is on Vermont Rte. 9 – a major east-west state highway connecting Bennington with Wilmington. The only road crossing the middle of this section is County Rd. which is not recommended for low clearance vehicles and can only be accessed from the east.
Sherman Brook Campsite, Seth Warner Primitive Campsite, Seth Warner Shelter and Congdon Shelter are the designated shelters and campsites on this section. Total distance: 18.4 miles

MA Rte. 2 to VT Rte. 9

(North Adams, MA and Bennington, VT area)


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