Trail Connections – NH Rte. 112 to US Rte. 3

Dual-peaked Mt. Kinsman is the most prominent natural feature of this section; however, Lonesome Lake, the southernmost of AMC’s huts, is also noteworthy. From the south, this section starts at the NH Rte. 112 crossing in Kinsman Notch, just to west of Lost River Gorge & Caves, a popular tourist attraction. Soon, Dilly Trail comes in from the east and then farther along comes Gordon Pond Trail. The trail climbs over Mt. Wolf, after which Reel Brook Trail comes in from the west leading to NH 116. Eliza Brook Shelter comes afterward. The trail then climbs over both peaks of Mt. Kinsman, each of which is around 4,300 feet. Mt. Kinsman Trail to 116 comes in from the west, and then soon thereafter you’ll reach Kinsman Junction. Here Kinsman Ridge Trail comes in from the west and provides access to Cannon Mountain and its tramway, and then US 3/I-93 beyond that. Kinsman Pond Trail is to the east and leads to Kinsman Pond Shelter & Campsite. That trail eventually rejoins the AT. Moving on, AMC’s Lonesome Lake Hut is next. The AMC hut system provides sleeping accommodations (bring your own sheets), breakfast and dinner. Reservations are strongly encouraged. At the hut, Around-Lonesome-Lake Trail, and shortly thereafter, Cascade Brook Trail lead to the west and provide access to Lafayette Place Campground and I-93. Next up, Kinsman Pond Trail rejoins the AT. Basin Trail then comes in from the west followed by Pemi Trail. These lead to The Basin parking lot on I-93. The trail passes under I-93/US Rte. 3 and this section ends at Franconia Notch Recreation Path. To get to parking, you can hike either north or south on the recreation path. Also Whitehouse Trail leads to parking if you go south on the path. Farther down that way, you’ll end up in the parking lot for The Flume Gorge, a prominent tourist attraction.
[Please NOTE: The trails in the White Mountains retain their original names on trail signs even when portions of those trails are part of the Appalachian Trail. The AT is often denoted by the AT symbol on those signs and the AT is marked by white blazes. To be consistent, we label any trail that is part of the AT as the AT. However, local signage does not always reflect this. It is advisable to carry a trail guide to avoid any confusion.]
The nearest towns are: Woodstock, east on 112; Franconia, north on 116 and US 3/I-93; and, Lincoln which is both east on 112 and south on US 3/I-93. All of these communities have downtown areas with a number of shops. The largest of the three is Lincoln. Total distance: 16.3 miles

NH Rte. 112 to US Rte. 3

(Mt. Kinsman area)


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