Trail Connections – NH/VT State Line to Dorchester Rd.

This section is almost entirely within the town of Hanover including a 1.2 mile road walk on the southern end that takes you by Dartmouth College and through the downtown. There are numerous services and amenities in downtown Hanover. More specifically, from the state line on Ledyard Bridge, the AT follows West Wheelock St., South Main St. and Lebanon St. The trail then goes through the parking lot of Black Community Center at 48 Lebanon St. and crosses South Park St. at the pedestrian light. The trail turns south on South Park St., rejoins Lebanon St. briefly after the traffic light and then goes off the road where it goes along the edge of one of Dartmouth College’s athletic fields. The trail then ascends Velvet Rocks which has several access trails. Velvet Rocks Shelter is on one of those trails. The AT crosses Trescott Rd., Hanover Center Rd. and 3-Mile Rd. Fred Harris Trail crosses the AT east of 3-Mile Rd. and then parallels the trail. There are several trails off of Fred Harris Trail that provide access to the AT. Continuing north, the AT ascends and descends Moose Mountain which can be accessed by a couple of trails off Goss Rd. Extension Trail. Moose Mountain Shelter is near the intersection of Wolfeboro Rd. Trail and the AT. The AT then enters the town of Lyme, crosses Goose Pond Rd. and ascends to Holt’s Ledge which is adjacent to the slopes of Dartmouth Skiway. Finally, the AT descends to Dorchester Rd. at its intersection with Grafton Tpke. and the end of this section. To continue north, cross Grafton Tpke. and walk along Dorchester Rd. briefly until the AT goes back into the woods.Total distance: 18.1 miles.

NH/VT State Line to
Dorchester Rd.

(Hanover area)

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