Trail Connections – Stratton-Arlington Rd. to VT Rtes. 11/30

South to North, this section features an ascent of Stratton Mountain followed by a descent to the shores of Stratton Pond. This a popular hiking destination and there are several side trails, including Stratton Pond Trail, Lye Brook Trail and Branch Pond Trail which criss-cross and allow for loop hikes from any of their trailheads. WARNING: During 2019, the AT/LT and these access trail are being relocated in the Stratton Pond area. Therefore, trail mileages shown here may differ from the actual mileages on the ground. Follow local signage and use extra caution. The AT can also be accessed from Stratton Mountain Ski Area. USFS Rd. #341 crosses the AT in two locations and can be used to double back to Stratton-Arlington Rd. Stratton-Arlington Rd. at the southern end of this section is an unpaved road that connects Arlington with Stratton. VT Rte. 11/30 on the northern end is a major east-west state highway that connects Manchester with Londonderry. There are 4 designated shelters and campsites on this section: Stratton Pond Shelter, Stratton View Campsite, William B. Douglas Shelter and Spruce Peak Shelter. During busy seasons, a caretaker fee is charged at both the Stratton Pond Shelter and Stratton View Campsite. Total distance: 17.8 miles.

Stratton-Arlington Rd. to
VT Rtes. 11/30

(Stratton area)


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