Trail Connections – US Rte. 4 to VT Rte. 12

This section is where the AT and Long Trail diverge at Maine Junction between US Rte. 4 and VT Rte. 100. North of that junction, the AT turns from its north-south orientation to an east-west one that eventually leads to the Connecticut River crossing in Hanover, NH. Deer Leap Mountain is a popular rock climbing destination near Maine Junction. Other prominent features include Kent Pond and Thundering Falls which is one of a few handicapped-accessible features on the AT. Catamount Trail (which is primarily a cross-country ski trail that parallels the Long Trail from Mass. to Canada) crosses US Rte. 4 on the AT but then quickly diverges off the AT north of that connection. The first road that the CT crosses after it diverges is Old Turnpike Rd. in Mendon. The first road that the Long Trail crosses north of Maine Junction is Elbow Rd. in Killington. Other side trails accessing the AT in this section are Sherburne Pass Trail (northern junction), Chateauguay Rd. Trail, Lookout Farm Rd. Trail, Perkins Rd. Trail and Maple Valley Rd. Trail. Several roads cross the AT here: Vermont Rte. 100, Thundering Brook Rd. (in two locations) and River Rd. This latter road crossing is the access point for Thundering Falls. On the southern end, US Rte. 4 is the major connector between Rutland and Killington. The northern end is VT Rte. 12 which connects Woodstock and Barnard. There are 4 designated shelters and campsites on this section: Tucker-Johnson Campsite, Gifford Woods State Park Campground, Stony Brook Shelter and Wintturi Shelter. Gifford Woods State Park has a public campground with tent sites, lean-to’s and cabins. Tucker-Johnson Campsite is on the Long Trail north of Maine Junction. Clarendon Shelter, Governor Clement Shelter, Cooper Lodge, Pico Camp, and Churchill Scott Shelter. Pico Camp is on Sherburne Pass Trail. During busy seasons, a caretaker fee will be charged at Cooper Lodge, Pico Camp and Churchill Scott Shelter. Total distance: 23.7 miles.

US Rte. 4 to VT Rte. 12

(Woodstock area)


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