Trail Connections – USFS Rd. #10 to VT Rte. 103

The most prominent features on this section are White Rocks Cliffs on White Rocks Mountain and Clarendon Gorge near VT Rte. 103. By using the AT and Green Mountain Trail, it is possible to hike a 6.4 mile loop from Danby-Landgrove Rd. Home Stone Brook Trail provides direct access to US Rte. 7 in South Wallingford. Keewaydin Trail provides the shortest link to White Rocks Cliffs. VT Rte. 140 is a major east-west state highway linking Wallingford with East Wallingford. It cuts through the middle of this section, and has a large parking lot just east of where the AT crosses the highway. On the southern end, Danby-Landgrove Rd. (USFS Rd. #10) is an unpaved forest service road that connects Danby with Landgrove. VT Rte. 103 is a major east-west state highway connecting Clarendon with East Wallingford. There are 3 designated shelters and campsites on this section: Little Rock Pond Shelter and Campsite, Greenwall Shelter and Minerva Hinchey Shelter. Old Job Shelter is 1.0 miles off the AT on Old Job Trail. During busy seasons, a caretaker fee is charged at Little Rock Pond Shelter and Campsite. Total distance: 14.6 miles.

USFS Rd. #10
(Danby-Landgrove Rd.) to
VT Rte. 103

(White Rocks area)


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