Trail Connections – VT Rte. 14 to VT/NH State Line

This section includes two road walks: 0.6 miles in West Hartford on the southern end and 1.8 miles in Norwich on the northern. In between is a climb of Griggs Mountain. The only side trail is William Tucker Trail which leads to Happy Hill Rd. in Norwich. Besides the road walks, the AT crosses Podunk Rd. 0.8 miles north of where it enters the woods at the intersection of Tigertown Rd. and Podunk Rd. The southern end is at the intersection of VT Rte. 14 and Quechee-West Hartford Rd. VT Rte. 14 is a major north-south state highway between Sharon and White River Junction. Northbound from here, the AT follows VT Rte. 14, turns on Tigertown Rd. and reenters the woods at the intersection of that road with Podunk Rd. The northern end of this section is at the Vermont/New Hampshire state line on Ledyard Bridge (VT Rte. 10A/NH Rte. 10A). Southbound from here, the AT follows VT Rte. 10A which becomes US Rte. 5 North. The trail then turns on Elm St. near downtown Norwich and follows that road 0.8 miles until it veers off into the woods. US Rte. 5 is a major north-south highway that links White River Junction and Norwich. Happy Hill Shelter is the only designated shelter on this section. Total distance: 9.3 miles.

VT Rte. 14 to
VT/NH State Line

(Norwich area)


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